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Welcome and thank you for stopping by!
First I would like to say, that I truly love photography, so much so, that I was compelled to get a degree in photography. I believe that photographic images are invaluable because they capture an instant, in time, moments that cannot be relived, in that exact space and emotion, collectively. You can try and recapture an image, go to the same location, use the same subject, same time of day, but you will never get the exact collective representation as once before. Seems to be art imitating life. I affirm that we dearly cherish our photographic images of the ones we love, the places we’ve been, and those seconds we will never relive because it is something we can view and reflect upon. I aim to create those moments with my camera, to bring what is important and invaluable to you.

So what have I been doing since college, so many years ago? Well I was a high-end retoucher for 8 years. What does that mean? I worked for commercial photographers editing their images. Sometimes the work was tedious, sometimes complex compositions or recreating a vehicle, for example. I learned a great deal about Photoshop, computers and print. I was very fortunate to work with some very talented individuals who I consider artists in their skills; they could easily replace the monitor and stylus with a canvas and brush and I thank them for sharing their knowledge.

So where am I now? Well I am back to where I had originally aimed to be…. carrying a camera! I began doing pet photography about 5 years ago. The market for pet photography in Houston, Tx has grown since then, which I am thrilled to see. I’ve grown too in those years, both in skill and subject. When I was blessed with my beautiful son, it only seemed a natural course to include child photography to my portfolio.

I photograph in natural light, natural environments and want to capture natural moments. I don’t push to create an exact image I have in my mind, I want to allow personalities to shine through in my photographs, to be a bit spontaneous. In other words, I do a lot of chasing, both kids and dogs! I love being behind the camera, to see the bright eyes starring up at me, and even an occasional tongue sticking out at me (again, both kids and dogs). You have to go with the flow as a pet and child photographer. I also take a great deal of care to edit each individual image in post-production, bringing to you a truly custom photography session and product.  

So there you have it, I love my camera, my son, my dogs and my very patient husband, not necessarily in that order, just depends on the day!


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